• Aug 12, 2014
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The Most Durable Carpet: Lees Carpets

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Find Some Peace of Mind. Invest in Lees.

Find some peace of mind for you and your family with Lees carpet. This collection features performance, innovation and durability with the best warranties in the industry. Relax, It’s…Lees carpet is the only flooring with the Ultra25 Stain Protection, designed to penetrate the carpet completely, so it protects carpeting from stains like wine, coffee, grease and pet stains. If you want a carpet that withstands the messes of everyday life, Lees is the carpet for you.



Ultra25® 4X protection repels most liquids including juice, coffee and other spills, four times longer than other carpet with traditional stain protection. As a carpet built to withstand stains and the messes of everyday life, Lees carpets will protect your floors from it all.



The exclusive 25 year “NO EXCLUSIONS” ULTRA 25 Stain Warranty® covers stains other carpet warranties don’t, including pet stains, grease, mustard, coffee, cola, and even bleach. Here's where the peace of mind comes in. 25 Year Stain Warranty is unlike any other in the industry. If you're looking for a carpet you can rely on, Lees is the one for you.



Patented ExtraLoc® backing has double the density of standard carpet construction, offering unheard-of stability and dimensional strength when you need it most. Beautiful, stain-resistant and strong. Lees carpets have everything you, your family and your pets need to withstand the craziness of everyday life.

To learn more about Lees, visit Carpet One Floor & Home

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