Tile Flooring Considerations


What to Consider When Selecting Tile

Floors Plus and Freeland Carpet One are pleased to feature a broad selection of tile products such as Porcelain and Natural Stones to enhance any area of your home.

Consider This

When considering tile as an option for your home, consider your lifestyle and budget. Will tile be a large part of your home flooring option, or a small portion just in one or two rooms. Your Certified Flooring Consultant will work with you on finding and creating the best solution for your specific needs.

Tile Options

Ceramic - made from clay and fired in a kiln then treated with glazed color. Durable and low maintenance.

Natural Stone - made of natural stone, such as travertine, offer durability and beautiful color variation. These tiles must be sealed well for stain and water resistance.

Terra Cotta - made from the same material as clay gardening pots. These tiles also need to be sealed as they are quite absorbent.

Porcelain - a very durable tile that's resistant to moisture.